About Leoste Tea

Leoste Tea was born out of a passion for the rich heritage and wonderful flavor of Ceylon tea.

Our mission – to share this treasure with the world by supporting sustainable and ethical practices in the industry.

About our mission

Quality. Dedication. Innovation.

Leoste Tea is a company specializing in the sale of pure Ceylon black and green teas. With over 25 years in business, we have amassed a collection of tea legends from around the world.

Our range is more than just a list of items, it is a curated collection of exquisite flavors created with distinguished Lankan and international tea tasters.

In our travels to countries with rich tea traditions, we have studied the preferences of different nations and introduced unique flavors such as Siberian Blend, Yala Night and Ali Baba - Arabian Fairytales, which have already become well-known and popular among tea lovers.

The quality of Leoste Tea comes from the careful selection of ingredients to create each flavor. This is what makes one of our tea legends come to life in your cup.

All ingredients undergo strict quality control and only 100% natural organic raw materials are used for production.

We pay special attention to the origin of the raw tea materials, and are proud that 100% of the tea leaves we use are harvested on the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
Our philosophy
At the heart of our success is a simple but profound ethic of dedication to high quality, genuine concern for our customers and uncompromising innovation.

We believe that a good reputation must be earned, and we earn ours through the consistently high quality of our products.
The Path to Quality
Every sip of Leoste Tea immerses you in the intricate process of its creation:
  • Choice of ingredients
    Our first step – a strict selection of raw materials. We believe in the gifts of nature and use only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. Artificial or identical to natural flavorings and colorings have no place in our recipe.
  • Masterful blends
    Each of our blends is a masterpiece composed of natural juices, dried fruits and berries, as well as inflorescences, leaves and oils of useful and aromatic plants.
  • Packaging and transportation
    To ensure that the magic of Leoste Tea remains intact, we follow meticulous packaging and transportation procedures. Each tea is packed within the first week of processing using advanced technology and materials.

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