Celebrate the important moments with exclusive teas from Leoste Tea.
Celebrate with Sophistication
The Festive Collection from Leoste Tea is more than just tea, it's holiday magic in every cup. From the luxurious metal jars to the marvelous packaging, every element of the collection is designed to bring joy and warmth to your home.

Hidden in each variety of this collection is a story of celebration and tradition, embodied in the splendor of aromas and flavors. These are the teas that gather families and friends around the table, creating unforgettable moments of happiness and togetherness.
Festive Blends from Leoste Tea
Always a gift: Leoste Tea's Festive Blends are the perfect choice for any occasion.
From International Women's Day to Mother's Day, these teas make an exquisite gift.
Experience the warmth of the tropics even on the coldest days with our 'Tropical Forest'. Bright flavors and aromas that will bring the summer mood into your home.
Light the fire of celebration with our 'Fiery Flowers' tea. The energy of bright colors and warm aroma will create a unparalleled atmosphere in your cup.
This blend is designed to reflect the strength of the Russian spirit, offering a dark, rich infusion that gives its connoisseurs a truly Siberian health experience.
A celebration of the heritage of Ceylon tea, this blend impresses with its strength of flavor. Each cup is a journey into the history of tea.
A melody of berries meets the classic depth of black Ceylon tea in a blend as refreshing as a night breeze in Yala.
A premium tea made from tender top leaves grown in the famous Uva tea province.
New Year's Blends from Leoste Tea
Winter Holidays with Leoste Tea: New Year Blends created for the magic of Christmas and New Year. Let these teas fill your home with holiday comfort and the warmth of winter evenings.
Celebrate winter evenings with our 'Christmas and Birds' tea. Ceylon black tea in exquisite packaging with Christmas patterns - the perfect gift for your loved ones.
Welcome the New Year with our signature tea 'Happy New Year' tea! A festive flavor that will be a great start to all your traditions.
Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Leoste Tea's exclusive 'Christmas & Birds' tea, the perfect companion to cozy family evenings.
Enjoy Leoste Tea's exquisite 'Birds of Paradise' tea to brighten up your Christmas feast and provide an unforgettable experience.
Let Leoste Tea's 'Birds of Happiness' fill your home with joy and warm your soul on cold winter days, bringing a sense of festivity to every evening.