Health & Beauty

Discover the secrets of beauty and health with an exclusive collection from Leoste Tea.
Source of Inspiration and Health

Meet the 'Health & Beauty' collection from Leoste Tea - your personal ritual of beauty and well-being. Each tea in this collection is not just a beverage, but a powerful source of natural ingredients gifted by nature for your inner and outer radiance.

Our blends, created with heart and care for your health, combine the best traditions of tea craftsmanship and the latest advances in phytotherapy. They not only delight with flavor nuances, but also fill every day with lightness and harmony, thanks to the unique properties of natural components.

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Experience the true beauty and power of nature with teas that not only inspire, but support health on every level. From green teas rich in antioxidants to unique blends that promote relaxation and recovery, each beverage in this collection is infused with healing power and beauty.
Ceylon black tea, developed especially for the Russian market, rich and amber in color.
Ceylon green tea with jasmine, toning and recommended for afternoon tea drinking.
A celebration of Ceylon tea's heritage, premium Orange Pekoe with a robust flavor and dark chocolate leaves.
A classic Ceylon green tea, perfect for rejuvenation and fatigue relief.