Tea Legends

Experience a tea inspired by the grandeur of legends: savor every sip as you discover the secrets of age-old traditions and cultures.
Discover the mystery of Ceylon
Discover the magical world of the 'Tea Legends' collection from Leoste Tea. Here, each blend is a story, each flavor a journey through time and space. Our collection, a bridge to the traditions and culture of Sri Lanka, will take you back to a time of great discoveries and legendary narratives.

In each tea package is a piece of history that comes alive with every sip. Give yourself the gift of legendary flavors and aromas that have been collected and preserved for you with love and craftsmanship.
Explore the Legends
Discover a world of legends and traditions with every sip of our exquisite blends. Join us on a journey through exotic tastes and aromas, each telling its own unique story.
Ceylon black tea, developed especially for the Russian market, rich and amber in color.
Ceylon black tea with berries, tonic and recommended for afternoon tea drinking.
A celebration of Ceylon tea's heritage, premium Orange Pekoe with a robust flavor and dark chocolate-coloured leaves.
A classic black Ceylon tea flavored with bergamot, perfect for rejuvenation and fatigue relief.
Premium green tea made from tender top leaves grown in the Uva province, known for its bright flavor.
A blend of black and green tea, stimulates digestion, recommended throughout the day.
Ceylon black & green tea with flower petals and strawberry juice.