Morning Spirit
Like the first rays of the sun awakening the earth, this blend fills each morning with energy and inspiration for new accomplishments.
About the Blend
'Morning Spirit' is a high-grade black tea, embellished with golden tips from Ceylon.

Gathered in the highlands of Uva province, these tips give the tea a special bright aroma and rich flavor.
Our 100-gram product is crafted with the utmost care, from hand-picking to processing, capturing the energy of the first spring buds. 'Morning Spirit' is the perfect choice to start of the day, thanks to its delicious flavor and health benefits.

Useful Benefits

- Stimulates metabolism.

- Increases concentration and attention span.

- Strengthens the immune system.

- Helps to brighten your mood in the morning.

Taste: High quality black tea embellished with golden tips from Ceylon, harvested in the highlands of Uva province. The tips give the tea a special bright aroma and rich flavor.

Effect: Invigorates and normalizes the metabolism. An ideal choice to start the day thanks to its delicious taste and beneficial properties.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea with types.

Grade: Pekoe, Large leaf.

Strength: High. Recommended in the morning.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
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