Oriental Harmony
This blend immerses you in the world of Eastern traditions, where every sip of tea is a meditation and an invitation to harmony of mind and body.
About the Blend
Indulge in the 'Oriental Harmony', where the tranquility of green tea meets the delicate fragrance of jasmine. This blend is gently relaxing
and helps release the stresses of the day.

Grown in the cool climate of Uva, our tea is a calming refuge, handcrafted to carry away accumulated stress.
Enjoy the light taste and aromatic tranquility of 'Oriental Harmony', a peaceful gift from Ceylon.

Useful Benefits

- Relaxes and helps to reduce stress levels.

- Helps to improve the quality of sleep.

- Strengthens the immune system thanks to the properties of green tea.

- Helps in cleansing the body of toxins.

Taste: The serenity of green tea blends with the delicate aroma of jasmine to gently relax and help you let go of the stress of the day. This blend is a calming sanctuary, handcrafted by hand.

Effect: Relaxing and soothing, perfect for evening tea drinking.

Ingredients: Ceylon green tea, jasmine buds.

Grade: Pekoe, Large Leaf.

Strength: Strong. Recommended in the evening.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
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Our teas are grown in harmony with the environment, protecting the ozone layer.
Earth-conscious packaging, our materials are completely biodegradable.
Enjoy the authenticity of 100% pure Ceylon tea, a taste of Sri Lanka's heritage.