Relax & Refresh
In every sip of this tea is a promise of wellness and freshness, like the morning dew on the petals of Ceylon flowers.
About the Blend
Every leaf in our 'Relax & Refresh' blend speaks to our dedication to quality, twisted in such a way as to preserve the flavors and
beneficial properties of the tea.
This tea is more than just a beverage; it's an entire wellness routine, rich in antioxidants to restore and rejuvenate.

Surrender to the gentle but invigorating embrace of Ceylon's finest green tea and let each sip refresh your day.

Useful Benefits

- Promotes rejuvenation and revitalization thanks to antioxidants.

- Improves mood and boosts energy levels.

- Promotes hydration of the body.

- It helps in fighting oxidative stress.

Taste: This blend is a great combination of high quality Ceylon green tea, steeped to preserve its flavors and health benefits. The gentle yet invigorating effect of the finest Ceylon green tea will refresh your day.

Effect: Rich in antioxidants for recovery and rejuvenation, it promotes the wellness procedure.

Ingredients: Ceylon large-leaf (curled) green tea.

Grade: Pekoe, Large Leaf

Strength: High.
Recommended in the first half of the day.
Excellent with desserts.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
Discover authentic flavors sourced responsibly
Our teas are grown in harmony with the environment, protecting the ozone layer.
Earth-conscious packaging, our materials are completely biodegradable.
Enjoy the authenticity of 100% pure Ceylon tea, a taste of Sri Lanka's heritage.