Wellness & Beauty
Combining the elegance of green tea and a fragrant bouquet of fruity notes, this blend is a symbol of taking care of yourself and your beauty.
About the Blend
'Health & Beauty' combines the delicacy of Ceylon green tea and the rich flavor of soursop, creating a 100-gram harmony of flora and fruit.

This amazing tea composition combines bright blossoms, refreshing zest and fruity notes of soursop.
Each cup – an invitation to a world of well-being. Cornflowers and dried pieces of soursop give the drink a special sophistication, paying tribute to the beauty and health traditions of Ceylon.

Useful Benefits

- Supports skin health and promotes skin beauty.

- Stimulates creative thinking.

- Helps fight inflammation thanks to antioxidants.

- Promotes general well-being and improved health.

Taste: The tenderness of Ceylon green tea combines with the rich flavor of saucepa to create a harmony of flora and fruit. The bright blossoms, refreshing zest and fruit notes of saucepa give the drink a special sophistication.

Effect: Helps you think creatively and invites you to a world of well-being.

Ingredients: Ceylon green tea, dried soursop, orange peel, cornflower, rose and corn, soursop flavor.

Grade: Pekoe, Large Leaf.

Strength: Strong.
Recommended throughout the day.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
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Enjoy the authenticity of 100% pure Ceylon tea, a taste of Sri Lanka's heritage.