Dr. Polpala
A healing combination of green tea and the herb Polpala, symbolizing the health and wisdom of the purple langur.
About the Blend
Nature's Healing Power
'Dr. Polpala' is not just any tea, it is a health elixir created from the healing herb Pol-pala (Aerva lanata) and aromatic green tea grown in the picturesque tea plantations of Ceylon.

This combination promotes health by helping with kidney, blood, digestion and heart problems.
Ceylon Green Tea: Leaves of Wisdom and Tranquility
Our green tea, a selected Pekoe variety with large leaves, has not only a rich flavor but also a calming effect.

It awakens the body's inner reserves, giving you a sense of wisdom and harmony.
• Polpala (Aerva lanata)
• Ceylon green large leaf tea

Grade: Superior
Standard: Pekoe, Large Leaf
Net Weight: 75 g

Packaging: Cardboard tube
Contribution to Nature Conservation
By choosing our tea, you are choosing health and longevity. 'Dr. Polpala' is ideal for those who appreciate natural products and are committed to supporting Sri Lanka's unique animal species.

With every sale of 'Dr. Polpala' tea, we contribute 10% of our profits to protect Sri Lanka's rare animals, including the purple langur seen on our packaging. This primate is not only beautiful, but also in need of our shared care.
Purple-faced Langur
(Semnopithecus vetulus)
A fascinating species of primate unique to Sri Lanka. Its name comes from the purple-black fur on its face. It lives in forests, feeding on leaves, fruits and flowers.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
Discover authentic flavors sourced responsibly
Our teas are grown in harmony with the environment, protecting the ozone layer.
Every purchase contributes to Sri Lanka's diverse and scenic ecosystems.
Earth-conscious packaging, our materials are completely biodegradable.
Enjoy the authenticity of 100% pure Ceylon tea, a taste of Sri Lanka's heritage.