Victorian Special
An exquisite blend of black tea, orange zest, currant leaves and bergamot, in honor of the blue whale.
About the Blend
Exquisite Victorian Taste
'Victorian Special' is a tea masterpiece inspired by the grandeur and sophistication of the Victorian era.

Our unique black tea from Ceylon is blended with refreshing orange zest, fragrant black currant leaves and delicate bergamot oil. Each sip of this tea transports you to an era of luxury and sophistication.
Harmony of Flavor and Aroma
Изысканная комбинация черного чая с цедрой апельсина, васильком, листьями черной смородины и маслом бергамота создает уникальный вкусовой опыт.

Этот чай – настоящий символ элегантности и роскоши.
• Ceylon black medium leaf tea
• Orange zest
• Cornflower petals
• Blackcurrant leaves
• Bergamot aroma

Grade: Superior
Standard: FBOP, Medium Leaf
Net Weight: 75 g

Packaging: Cardboard tube
The Embodiment of History and Nature
This tea represents the harmony of history and nature. Enjoy its rich flavor while immersing yourself in the Victorian world and supporting the protection of unique marine inhabitants.

With every sale of tea from the 'Heart of Ceylon' collection, we contribute 10% of profits to the protection of Sri Lanka's rare animals.

Blue Whale
(Balaenoptera musculus)
The largest animal on the planet, weighing up to 200 tons (about 33 elephants). Its daily diet consists of about four tons of krill, and its calls, reaching 188 decibels, are louder than an airplane jet engine.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
Discover authentic flavors sourced responsibly
Our teas are grown in harmony with the environment, protecting the ozone layer.
Every purchase contributes to Sri Lanka's diverse and scenic ecosystems.
Earth-conscious packaging, our materials are completely biodegradable.
Enjoy the authenticity of 100% pure Ceylon tea, a taste of Sri Lanka's heritage.