Green Curls
'Green Curls' – a premium green tea from Uva, known for its vibrant aromas and delicate flavor.
About the Blend
'Green Curls' – a premium tea made from tender top leaves grown in the famous Uva tea province. At an altitude of over a thousand meters, the cool climate and wind infuse the tea with its characteristic bright aroma and delicate flavor.

Our meticulous hand-picking and twisting process preserves its subtle flavor and health benefits.
In Japan, tea from the Uva province is the most popular. Enjoy the unique taste of first-class Ceylon 'Green Curls' tea.

Useful Benefits

- Stimulates brain function.

- Slows down the aging process.

- Helps normalize weight.

- Reduces the likelihood of cancer.

Taste: Mild, pleasant and light flavor. Refreshing.

Effect: With natural ingredients, this tea contains natural vitamins, is an excellent means of preventing colds and strengthening immunity.

Ingredients: Ceylon large-leaf (curled) green tea.

Grade: Pekoe, Large leaf.

Strength: Medium. Recommended in the first half of the day.
Perfectly combined with desserts.
The sustainable elegance of Ceylon tea
Discover authentic flavors sourced responsibly
Our teas are grown in harmony with the environment, protecting the ozone layer.
Earth-conscious packaging, our materials are completely biodegradable.
Enjoy the authenticity of 100% pure Ceylon tea, a taste of Sri Lanka's heritage.