Oriental Night
An exotic blend for magical evenings. Serenity with notes of flowers and fruits.
About the Blend
'Oriental Night' is an exotic blend of large-leaf black and green tea, rose petals, cornflower, sunflower, corn, strawberry and lemon extract.
This perfect tea bouquet is rich in flavor and has a bright infusion. It harmoniously combines the great taste of Ceylon tea with the delicate aroma of fruits and fragrant petals.

Useful Benefits

- It has a relaxing effect.

- Makes you feel good.

Taste: Exotic and bright, with a delicate aroma of fruit and fragrant petals.

Effect: This tea bouquet combines rich flavors with light fruity and floral notes, inviting you to enjoy the tranquility of the evening.

Ingredients: Ceylon black & green tea, cornflower, sunflower and corn flowers, rose petals, strawberry and lemon juices.

Grade: FBOP, Large Leaf.

Strength: Medium. Recommended for evening tea drinking.
It has a relaxing effect.
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