Victorian Blend
A classic flavor for a refined palate.The elegance of bergamot in every cup.
About the Blend
'Victorian Blend' is a classic taste of black Ceylon tea with a subtle aroma of bergamot.

Bergamot, the most aromatic of citrus oils, gives this blend a unique tonic effect. It envelops you with a delicate aroma and soft taste, creating a feeling of lightness and freshness.
In addition to its exquisite flavor, bergamot oil stimulates brain function, boosts immunity and relieves nervous tension and fatigue, making 'Victorian Blend' the perfect choice for rejuvenation.

Useful Benefits

- Relieves nervous tension.

- Stimulates brain function.

- Improves concentration and attention.

Taste: mild with a subtle aroma of bergamot

Effect: Bergamot essential oil stimulates brain function, improves concentration, boosts immunity and relieves nervous tension and fatigue.

Ingredients: Ceylon medium leaf black tea, bergamot oil.

Grade: PEKOE, Medium leaf.

Strength: High. Recommended throughout the day. Relieves nervous tension and fatigue. Excellent with desserts.
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